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Twitter dichiarata la parola inglese piu’ popolare del 2009


The Global Language Monitor ha pubblicato il 29 novembre 2009 l’indagine annuale a livello mondiale delle parole piu’ usate in lingua inglese nel 2009. Twitter è la Parola Top del 2009, nella classifica Cinguettavano è stata seguita da Obama, H1N1, stimolo, e Vampire. L’onnipresente suffisso 2.0, si piazza al N°. 6 a parimerito con deficit, Hadron l’esprimento per l’ acceleratore del CERN, Sanità, e trasparenza completatano la Top 10.

“In un anno dominato in tutto il mondo da eventi politici epocali, una pandemia, i postumi di uno tsunami finanziario e la morte di una icona venerata del pop, la parola Twitter batte tutte le altre parole. Twitter rappresenta una nuova forma di interazione sociale, in cui tutta la comunicazione è ridotta a 140 caratteri “, ha detto Paul JJ Payack, presidente del The Global Language Monitor.

The Top Words of 2009

1.         Twitter — The ability to encapsulate human thought in 140 characters

2.         Obama — The word stem transforms into scores of new words like ObamaCare

3.         H1N1 — The formal (and politically correct) name for Swine Flu

4.         Stimulus — The $800 billion aid package meant to help mend the US economy

5.         Vampire — Vampires are very much en vogue, now the symbol of unrequited love

6.         2.0 — The 2.0 suffix is attached to the next generation of everything

7.         Deficit — Lessons from history are dire warnings here

8.         Hadron — Ephemeral particles subject to collision in the Large Hadron Collider

9.         Healthcare — The direction of which is the subject of intense debate in the US

10.        Transparency — Elusive goal for which many 21st c. governments are striving

11.        Outrage — In response to large bonuses handed out to ‘bailed-out’ companies

12.        Bonus — The incentive pay packages that came to symbolize greed and excess

13.        Unemployed — And underemployed amount to close to 20% of US workforce

14.        Foreclosure — Forced eviction for not keeping up with the mortgage payments

15.        Cartel — In Mexico, at the center of the battle over drug trafficking

The Top Phrases of 2009

1.         King of Pop –Elvis was ‘The King;’ MJ had to settle for ‘King of Pop’

2.         Obama-mania — One of the scores of words from the Obama-word stem

3.         Climate Change — Considered politically neutral compared to global warming

4.         Swine Flu — Popular name for the illness caused by the H1N1 virus

5.         Too Large to Fail — Institutions that are deemed necessary for financial stability

6.         Cloud Computing — Using the Internet for a variety of computer services

7.         Public Option — The ability to buy health insurance from a government entity

8.         Jai Ho! — A Hindi shout of joy or accomplishment

9.         Mayan Calendar — Consists of various ‘cycles,’ one of which ends on 12/21/2012

10.       God Particle — The hadron, believed to hold the secrets of the Big Bang

The Top Names of 2009

1.         Barack Obama — It was Obama’s year, though MJ nearly eclipsed in the end

2.         Michael Jackson — Eclipses Obama on internet though lags in traditional media

3.         Mobama — Mrs. Obama, sometimes as a fashion Icon

4.         Large Hadron Collider — The Trillion dollar ‘aton smasher’ buried outside Geneva

5.         Neda Agha Sultan — Iranian woman killed in the post-election demonstrations

6.         Nancy Pelosi –The Democratic Speaker of the US House

7.         M.  Ahmadinejad — The president of Iran, once again

8.         Hamid Karzai — The winner of Afghanistan’s disputed election

9.         Rahm Emmanuel — Bringing ‘Chicago-style politics’ to the Administration

10.       Sonia Sotomayor — The first Hispanic woman on the US Supreme Court

L’analisi è stata effetuata a fine novembre con l’ausilio di  GLM’s Predictive Quantitativi Indicator (PQI), l’algoritmo proprietario che tiene traccia di parole e frasi nei media e su Internet,  ma anche blog e social media. Le parole sono monitorate in relazione alla frequenza, utilizzo contestualela  tendenze di utilizzo a lungo termine, cambiamenti a breve termine, lo slancio e la velocità.


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